Parents can sign up for a face to face course, which takes place in a group setting. Courses are running in Central Auckland. Come for a taster session on a course that is already running and the cost of the taster ($50) will be credited when you sign up for the course. 95% of people go on to sign up. Contact to register

Courses currently open for bookings:

The 5 week “core skills” course. $500 per person including a set of parenting materials.

Dates and time –  Term Three 2019, Monday evenings 7:30pm-9:45pm.

  • August 12,19,26
  • September 9 and 16

Course format

Learn how to motivate children effectively with descriptive praise and how to be an emotion coach. You will learn how to set things up to go well with setting up for success and how to establishing rules and routines in your home. Week 5 is about positive discipline – how to get our children to learn from their mistakes and keep their dignity.

Dates for 2020 being finalised

There will be a 5 week core skills course on Monday evenings and one 10 week course in Term One, 2020.

The 10 week course covers the core skills and also includes an entire session dedicated to sibling issues – a common hot spot in families. The final 2 sessions are about the holy grail of parenting – how to remain calm so that we can actually access these skills. We focus on understanding what it is that pushes our buttons and ways to defuse these reactions. These classes will teach you how to access the other skills already learned in situations when they are most needed.