Sometimes there is nothing better than receiving undivided attention. I will not judge you and what you say to me is confidential. Here are some of the concerns parents share:

  • My partner and I have split and we want to minimise the stress on everyone.
  • We have 2 really demanding kids. How do I keep calm in the midst of a tantrum or unacceptable behaviour?
  • I’ve read a lot of different books and I am confused about how to actually put the ideas into practice.
  • Strict routines don’t appeal to me – so how can I get more organised at home and still have fun?
  • Our 15 year old grunts – we’re struggling to see how to get to the end of next week, let alone next year, without a major incident.
  • My child is fine at school and explodes at home. What’s going on?
  • I wish my child would talk to me more about what’s going on at school or with friends.
  • My partner has really different ideas about how to do things and we are struggling to make progress.
  • How do I stop shouting at my kids?
  • I need help getting my kids to sleep through the night or at least sleep in their own bed.
  • I have a complex and long-term issue like a child with learning needs (such as Dyslexia, ADHD or ASD) or other specific needs.

These are some of the concerns that parents discuss at private consultations.

I will guide you through the practical and effective parenting skills to get to the heart of the matter and make progress at home. Face to face consultations or consultations by email, Skype and phone are available at a time to suit you.

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