“We didn’t hesitate booking parent coaching with Justine after doing our research. It felt like Justine was going to give us some great practical help. We were ready to go ahead with coaching as we had been having some behaviour challenges with one of our kids and we felt tool less in how to help. We were looking for advice on what might be driving the particular behaviours but more so the practical tools for ourselves to help support us in changing them. There were three main benefits – we gained confidence in some really practical ways we could help our child. We had our belief in ourselves as parents affirmed and that we were actually doing a good job. We were able to both be on the same page about how we would approach different scenarios regardless of whether we were together or on our own with the kids. We would absolutely refer friends to Justine and have in fact done so a few times already.” 

Emily and Paul, busy parents of primary school children

I came along to this parenting class somewhat hesitant and unsure.  I had been to parenting classes of different forms over the years and they hadn’t really had any relevance or impact on our family dynamics.  We have a son with complex behavioural issues, and we also thought that parenting classes geared towards the normal child is not really going to work for us as a family, HOWEVER, I been very pleasantly surprised but these classes and breaking down the simple (but largely unknown) key aspects of parenting in the way that this particular course does has been hugely beneficial. It all makes such complete sense and providing such an array of examples assists immensely.  Whilst this is all a work in progress for our family, fundamentally I believe that this course will make us over time, better parents and will create a healthier and happier household.  I would totally recommend this course to anyone.

Kim, mum of 3

Justine, your fabulous approach has really helped me become a calmer and kinder parent and understand my teen daughter better.

I have loved learning simple skills and tools to keep me sane on this crazy journey that is parenting!

Your caring attitude to everyone’s unique issues allowed us to really open up with each other, and you have taught me some valuable skills that have helped me maintain a much more level attitude – not just to parenting but to life in general.

Thanks so much.

Katy, mum of teen daughter

I truly feel that I am a better parent after doing the Good to Great Parenting course. It has given me a lot of skills to work with everyday and the feeling that our family unit is closer, more supported and calmer.

Thank you Justine for making a huge difference to my parenting journey.

Helen, mum of 3

I have had the benefit of learning these skills for the second time – the last time was 6 years ago, and now I face a very different set of parenting challenges with teenagers instead of primary school kids. The thing I love most is how practical the tools are – you can literally just go home and start using them.

Becky, mum of 3