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What parents say…

“We found that there were plenty of parenting courses but we wanted something bespoke and tailored to us and our child. Plus the coaching concept is familiar to us, eg life coaching, business coaching. We were in a tricky situation and didn’t know what to do. We felt like we needed support/guidance fairly quickly. After working together with Justine we both feel we have a better understanding of our child and the emotions, causes, there is greater consistency in how we parent and work together as a team. We have increased confidence in our approach – having evidence-based techniques and feeling well-equipped. What I’ve said to friends that I like about Justine’s style is that the coaching is parenting for life – it’s the long game and skills that we can use no matter the age of our child.”  Katie and Hamish, parents of an almost 5 year old.

“Justine, your fabulous approach has really helped me and I use the tools to keep me sane on this crazy time that is parenting! It’s also given me a much more level attitude – not just to parenting but to life in general. Thanks so much.”  Jenny, mum of teen girl.

“After working with Justine we have the feeling that our family unit is closer, more supported and calmer. Thank you Justine for making a huge difference to our parenting journey.”

Anna, mum of 2 girls.

“The thing I love most is how practical the tools are – you can literally just go home and start using them.” Becky, mum of 3 boys.

“I came to have coaching after going to many classes over the years and they hadn’t really had any relevance or impact on our family.  We have a son with complex behavioural issues, so I have been very pleasantly surprised with my experience of working with Justine. It is still a work in progress for our family, and I think this will make us over time, better parents and will create a healthier and happier household.  I would totally recommend working with Justine to anyone.” Kim, mum of 2 boys.