Working as a lawyer in NZ and in the UK, Justine understands how a busy lifestyle affects families and the demands on parents. Loving her job as a lawyer, the transition to motherhood was a steep learning curve. Living with an impulsive toddler was the impetus she needed to seek effective parenting strategies.

“I got a lot of advice,  mostly when I hadn’t asked for it! When someone said “Bite him back” when my son was in a biting phase, I knew I needed to get some expert advice.”

Justine later discovered a talent for empowering other parents with these skills after working as a facilitator at The Parent Practice in London. A mum to a tween and a teen boy, Justine founded Good to Great Parenting, driven by her deep desire to help parents be the parent they want to be. Justine helps parents be more successful parents by empowering them with proactive approaches that set things up to go well and inform what drives our child’s behaviour, allowing parents to respond in more effective ways, even when there is a lack of time and energy.

A firm believer that there is no such thing as the perfect parent Justine is passionate about inspiring parents to be “role model” parents who are confident, practice self-compassion and assertiveness in all spheres of their lives.