A new approach to parenting skills

Justine Lamont, specialist parenting coach, based in Auckland, NZ works with families in New Zealand and elsewhere bringing positive parenting skills that help understand children better, reduce stress in parenting and experience more joy at home.

Highly experienced with extensive training

A highly skilled parenting coach, Justine has worked with families in the UK and in NZ after training in London 15 years ago. Justine established her business after continuing this work for a number of organisations and now works privately with individual families. Justine believes that we can all benefit from positive parenting approaches and has seen first hand the difference that these skills make.

How does the service work?

Sessions take place at a time to suit you. Parents receive undivided attention to help understand their children better, switch up the parenting dynamic and help parents to feel more joy in their parenting.

Let’s imagine your child is an adult – what sort of person are they?

This question can be a useful way to clarify the strengths our children already have. We can work on ways bring out these qualities and characteristics. Parents are the best people to help their children become the adult that they know their child is capable of becoming.

Tailoring unique solutions to suit your needs

The parenting solutions you receive are specifically tailored to meet your family’s needs.  A detailed background information form, provides important insights into specific concerns. The latest parenting strategies, backed by neuroscience, are tailored to suit. The knowledge is invaluable for each stage of your child’s development and once you have learned these skills you will have them forever.

Where are you now on your parenting journey?

Busy lifestyle can make it easy to feel disconnected and this can put a strain on relationships. Parents often feel tired, overwhelmed and unappreciated. Parents may also be in a habit of nagging and repeating ourselves adding to the lack of connection. Sometimes we can react with punishments that don’t work and that make us look weak. Instead of resorting to threats and bribes we can learn how to stay calm. We can be in charge in a loving and positive way without needing to resort to ineffective methods.