A new approach to parenting skills

Justine Lamont, parenting coach, leads the GTG Parenting skills program based in Auckland. Justine is passionate about the skills and working with families to achieve real, lasting results that help everyone in the family be the best that they can be.

Highly experienced with extensive training

A highly skilled parent coach, Justine has over a decade’s experience working with families in the UK and in NZ and is recommended by the award-winning Parent Practice in London and clients here in NZ.

Top quality content

You will receive top quality content including materials curated by Melissa Hood, author of Real Parenting for Real Kids. Justine is the sole licensee of The Parent Practice method in New Zealand.

Tailoring unique solutions to suit your needs

This is not a “one-size fits all” approach. Clients often say that they have read books which left them confused or have even completed a course which left them wanting more. Maybe you’ve even been to a parenting course or signed up to one online and your concerns were not addressed.

How does the service work?

The knowledge you gain will be invaluable at every stage of your child’s development and once you have learned these skills you will have them forever.

Clients complete a detailed background information form, providing important insights into their specific concerns. The latest parenting strategies, backed by neuroscience, are tailored to suit. You can adapt your approach to suit different children (and even other adults!), it’s a life-long curriculum.

Parents want answers to their questions and concerns, but finding answers is not always straightforward. There’s an enormous amount of information available to parents and strong opinions about the right approach to take. There is no clear information about how to apply approaches to our own family, with it’s own special character. It’s a process which can be confusing and frustrating.

Justine provides a deep level of parenting knowledge in a short space of time to parents like you, using a unique process. This approach helps you navigate the various stages of child development and understand your own child’s temperament.

Let’s imagine your child is an adult – what sort of person are they?

How do we influence our child, over time, to become that person? This question can be a useful way to clarify your goals. You will experience more joy when you are parenting in a calmer and easier way.

Where are you now on your parenting journey?

Busy lifestyles make it easy to be in a habit of nagging and repeating ourselves. Parents often feel tired, overwhelmed and unappreciated. Sometimes we can react with punishments that don’t work and that make us look weak. Instead of resorting to threats and bribes we can learn how to stay calm.We can be in charge in a loving and positive way without needing to resort to ineffective methods.

GET IN TOUCH NOW! Let’s work together, creating your family team, where everyone gets to be the best that they can be.

Email Justine@gtgparenting.co.nz or call (09) 889-0143.