We can’t be perfect parents but we can reduce our stress and increase the joy we experience at home with some practical parenting skills that anyone can learn right now. This website will show you the way I can help you to achieve harmony at home.

We may be in a habit of nagging and repeating ourselves especially when we are feeling tired, overwhelmed and unappreciated. We might even react with punishments that don’t work and make us look weak. Instead of resorting to threats and bribes we can choose to remain calm. We can pass on the message to our kids – we do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s have a think about what sort of adult we would like our child to be. How do we influence our child to be that person? The practical skills that I can teach you will  get you on your way to being the parent you want to be. Come and learn how to get your kids to cooperate.You can be in charge in a loving and positive way without needing to resort to ineffective methods.

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