Parent coaching for your family

Your family dynamic is unique. Tailored parenting solutions help you to navigate your parenting concerns. Working on being consistent, building rapport and reducing power struggles at home, so that your children thrive. Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences and the toughest. Children have their own temperament and individual needs and we know they do not come with a manual. Even when we have low energy and are faced with a child who is uncooperative it is still possible to keep calm when we have the right tools. What works is developing an understanding of our children and individual needs. We will work on learning parent management techniques to help meet these needs. A private parent coaching service that is tailored to suit your family, following positive parenting approaches to uncover children’s strengths and build skills for life. Working together the coaching process makes it easier to set clear, realistic expectations and to pass on your values to your family. To find out how this could work for you and your family take the first step by booking an initial meeting.

About Justine

Working as a lawyer in NZ and in the UK, Justine understands how a busy lifestyle affects families and the demands on parents. Loving her job as a lawyer, the transition to motherhood was a steep learning curve. Living with an impulsive toddler was the impetus she needed to seek effective parenting strategies. “I got a lot of advice,  mostly when I hadn’t asked for it! When someone said “Bite him back” when my son was in a biting phase, I knew I needed to get some expert advice.” Justine has been working with families in the UK and in NZ for 15 years, after training as a parent coach in London. A mum to two young adults, Justine enjoys spending time with friends and gardening.